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“Learning and growing through challenging RE”


The Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

2016 – 2021


Good RE is precisely what schools and society need to develop some of the most important skills, attitudes, knowledge, understanding and dispositions that we would want for our children and young people growing up in modern Britain. Can we imagine a future where people are unable to handle the big questions and concepts of life? Or have little understanding of people’s beliefs and ways of life?

RE is important because:

  • It helps pupils understand the world they live in by developing their religious literacy;
  • It helps them to develop skills in recognising, handling and analysing the big questions and concepts that arise from experience and help make sense of life;
  • It provides opportunities for and develops their ability to reflect on experience;
  • It develops debating, reasoning, self-expression, relationships and self-understanding;
  • It helps with their literacy, creativity, personal development and critical thinking;
  • It helps their understanding of identity and their search for meaning, purpose and value.
  • It helps schools with their ethos and values;
  • Which helps develop a sense of community and belonging;
  • Building positive relationships for learning and behavior.
  • It helps society to grow, share, understand
  • Deal with controversy, learn to disagree whilst living together in community
  • Explore meaning and truth, live by values
  • Understand – and respectfully challenge and be challenged by people of different lifestyles, beliefs and practices.

It helps us as humans to explore visions of humanity and at the same time reflect on the depths to which that humanity can sink


‘Challenging RE’ is a most appropriate title for this Agreed Syllabus. RE should be academically, personally, spiritually, morally and socially challenging for us all. We hope you and your pupils will rise to these challenges, get a lot out of the Agreed Syllabus and, over time, be able to contribute to it.

  • RE must challenge pupils to think;
  • We should challenge why we are teaching what we are teaching so that it remains educational and significant;
  • RE can challenge us all to reflect on our beliefs, values and attitudes and the world which we are creating.

RE - Long Term Plan