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The Mary Towerton School

Inspiring all to reach their potential

Our School

Welcome to The Mary Towerton School

Our Vision


Inspiring all to reach their potential


The Mary Towerton School aims to provide every child attending the school with the best possible educational experience, high personal attainment and a continued future love of learning.


Mission Statement


We strive for this on a daily basis by:


  • providing a warm, caring environment where individual needs are met;
  • encouraging children to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciate the benefit of learning;
  • ensuring a first class educational experience throughout the spectrum of age, ability and needs;
  • providing opportunities to benefit from all learning environments, whether classroom, outdoors or at home, formal or informal;
  • challenging and encouraging pupils to take personal and collective responsibility;
  • recognising and celebrating achievements of all individuals within the school community;
  • expecting and promoting the highest standards of behaviour and respect for ourselves and each other.


Our Values


We will all work together to follow these values in our school and community every day.


  • Politeness

I use my manners all of the time and say please and thank you. I hold the door open for others.

  • Responsibility

I look after myself, other people and the things we use in school.

  • Happiness

I am positive about trying new things in my work and my play and share my happiness with others.

  • Honesty

I can tell the truth and admit when I do something wrong.

  • Kindness

I find ways to help other people and cheer them up when they are sad. I do things for others without being asked or reminded.

  • Unity

We all work and join together to be the best that we can be.

Our Playground

Our Field