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School Logo

The Mary Towerton School

Inspiring all to reach their potential

Ethos and Values

The Mary Towerton at Studley Green


Our Vision


Inspiring All to Reach Their Potential


The Mary Towerton School aims to provide every child attending the school with the best possible educational experience, high personal attainment and a continued future love of learning.


Mission Statement


We strive for this on a daily basis by:


  • providing a warm, caring environment where individual needs are met;
  • encouraging children to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciate the benefit of learning;
  • ensuring a first class educational experience throughout the spectrum of age, ability and needs;
  • providing opportunities to benefit from all learning environments, whether classroom, outdoors or at home, formal or informal;
  • challenging and encouraging pupils to take personal and collective responsibility;
  • recognising and celebrating achievements of all individuals within the school community;
  • expecting and promoting the highest standards of behaviour and respect for ourselves and each other.



Our Values to Learn are about creating a culture in classrooms that cultivates learning habits and attitudes that enable children to face difficulty and uncertainty, calmly, confidently and creatively. This is not an approach that is additional to teaching; it is an integral part of it, linked into everything we do at The Mary Towerton School.


Pupils who are more confident in their own learning ability learn faster and learn better. They concentrate more, think harder and find learning more enjoyable.


CEL is about educating children not just for academic success but for lifelong learning, for a future which has not yet been determined.


We want our children to be sufficiently confident to take risks, understand and acknowledge both their strengths and weaknesses and welcome challenge and complex learning. We want them to enjoy the struggle, seek those tasks which are stimulating and inspiring even if they are demanding. We also want our children to learn to work effectively in a team and alone.


What are the 5Rs?

The children learn about the 5 Rs; Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness, Relationships and Risk Taking. 

British Values Statement