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Inspiring all to reach their potential


The Mary Towerton School at at Studley Green is committed to providing the best educational experience for all children and good attendance and punctuality is critical to this outcome.


Each academic year has 190 school days, this leaves 175 non-school days for family time, holidays, visits and appointments.

If a pupil is absent for just 1 day each term that equals 6 days or 39 hours a year of lost learning.


Every Day Counts!

It is vital that pupils attend school, on time, every day in order to gain the greatest benefit from their education.


If your child is significantly unwell and unable to attend school, we request that parents/carers telephone or email the school office on each and every day of the absence, before 8.45am and clearly state the reason for their absence.

School office: 01494 482384 or


Where possible, we ask that medical appointments are arranged outside of the school day. Where this is not possible, please bring the appointment letter/card to the school office in advance.


Requests for holiday

There is no automatic entitlement, in law, to time off during term time.

All requests for a leave of absence must be, by law, made in writing and in advance to the Headteacher. As a school, we request parents use the ‘Holiday Request Form’ which is available from the school office. Holiday requests are only authorised in exceptional circumstances. If you choose to remove your child from school when the request has been denied it will be recorded as unauthorised and the school may request the Local Authority issue a penalty notice.



The Mary Towerton School at Studley Green is committed to offering children the best start to their school life. Promoting regular attendance is part of this commitment. We are confident you will support our efforts